6th birthday quotes and wishes

6th Birthday Quotes and Wishes – Best Birthday Quotes for Turning 6

Looking for 6th birthday quotes? Well, read on! For little kids, a birthday is always a big deal. It’s like their personal holiday where they get to celebrate with family and friends. Naturally, they would want every little detail to feel special.

Already got a fun gift for your 6-year-old? Great! But you know what would really give your gift a personalized feel? Some memorable 6th birthday quotes and wishes that they can enjoy reading even decades after their special day.

Kids love to play, but they also enjoy reading notes and letters from their loved ones. There’s just something extra sweet about a personalized greeting.

Share handwritten 6th birthday quotes and wishes with your little one! We have some ideas for you right here.

Birthday Quotes for Turning 6


1. You’re a whole year older – imagine that! Soon you’ll be seven, then eight, then nine – but you’ll always be a sweet child of mine. Happy birthday!

2. Stop and make a wish! Are you done? Well, surprise! It’s already come true. Enjoy your special day!

3. Happy birthday to our little superhero! Get ready for your next adventure!

4. To the kid with endless energy – happy birthday! I hope you’ve charged your batteries today because we are giving you the gift of non-stop fun and games!

5. Today is an exciting day! Our special little angel is turning 6 years old! This is your day to celebrate, so go and have as much fun as you can. Don’t worry – we’ll take lots of pictures!

6. The coolest kid we know is turning 6 today! We have a feeling that this is going to be one of your best birthdays ever. Happy birthday, little one!

Funny 6th Birthday Quotes

6th birthday captions

These are perfect for an outgoing, fun-loving kid. Tickle their hearts with these special 6th birthday quotes and wishes.

7. You’re 6 years old and ready for the world! Tomorrow, you can go to work and do your taxes. No? All right, fine – just stay in school! Happy birthday little boss!

8. I’m sorry, but there was something wrong with the calendar. Looks like you’ll stay at 5 years old for another year. Don’t believe me? That’s right, you shouldn’t. You’re so smart! Happy 6th birthday, kiddo!

9. Happy birthday! May you grow much taller than your cake, much smarter than your stuffed animals, and much richer than your mom and dad.

10. When you’re much older, you may forget what we did today or what flavor your cake was. You may forget what games we played or which one of your friends showed up. But we’ll never let you forget what you wore and which teeth you had missing. Here’s to a bunch of epic 6th birthday photos!

Meaningful 6th Birthday Wishes

Some kids are truly kind, warm-hearted, and sensitive. What better way to celebrate their existence than by expressing your love through these lovely 6th birthday quotes and wishes?

11. Happy birthday! You are a blessing and a joy to everyone you meet. Stay sweet and humble, our angel!

12. How did we end up with someone as awesome as you? We might never know, but we are sure that every single day with you is a gift from above. Happy birthday, angel!

13. We celebrate a wonderful little person with a blessed heart today. He/She has the power to make the world a much better place. Keep on being awesome, darling!

14. Happy birthday! We hope you know how much you are loved. Everything you do is a wonder! You are among the most special people on this earth. And still, you’re only 6 years old! You will do amazing things!

15. Everyone you see here is someone who loves you and cares for you deeply. Happy birthday to the star of our lives!

16. We promise to nourish you, help you grow into a good person, and be there for you always. We love you! Happy birthday!

Cute 6th Birthday Wishes


Bubbly children are always laughing and making other people laugh. Giving them a cheerful birthday celebration will really bring out their cute, playful personalities.

Plan your birthday party ahead and don’t forget to include these meaningful messages – 6th birthday quotes and wishes for your cute and cheerful kid.

17. Wishing you lots of laughs, lots of cake, lots of friends, and lots of wishes come true! A happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to you!

18. No one is as cute as you are today – including future you! Happy birthday, bud!

19. Hugs and kisses to our dearest! No doubt, love, you are the sweetest! Now go and enjoy your day. Only good things coming your way. Happy, happy birthday!

20. To our sweet little darling, happy birthday! You light up every room with your awesomeness. Now, it’s time for us to light up your day. Enjoy your birthday, sweetheart!

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