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The Best You Make Me Happy Quotes – 40 fun happiness quotes

We all have those moments that make us feel like we’re just walking on air – those days when nothing can keep us from smiling. Even if it’s just the little things that make us happy, they’re what make life worth it. So if someone makes you happy today, let them know with our favorite You Make Me Happy quotes!

Being happy is great! It makes us feel alive and appreciative of everything around us. This post is dedicated to the big little things that bring us joy. Nothing would bring us more joy than a big smile from you.

Here’s to making you happy today!

You Make Me Happy Quotes to Uplift Your Day


1. You make me happy in a way no one else can.

2. You make me happy without even trying.

3. Being happy is easy around you.

4. You make me happy each and every day.

5. Being happy is easy – just take a day off, step away from your phone, and let the awkward dancing begin.

6. Happiness is buying new clothes instead of doing the laundry.

7. Whenever you think things aren’t working out, stop to take a breath. Punch your enemies in the stomach – that’ll take their breath away.

8. You make me happy today, you made me happy yesterday and I am blessed to have you as a friend.

9. If you’re happy and you know it (and you really want to show it) post a selfie on social media. Heavy filter so they’ll know you’re elated.

10. Hug a puppy. Pet a cat. Watch a goldfish swim in graceful circles. Animals are miraculous. Animals are pure happiness.

11. Children are adorable when they only know just enough words to get what they need. Any older and they start asking too many questions. Make them happy while they’re young!

12. Your smile never goes out of style. Happiness is your best accessory! You make me happy!

13. Work until your bank account makes you so happy that you can’t stop looking at it.

14. Want to be happy? Turn down the noise and turn up the music.

15. You don’t have to find happiness that will last you an eternity. You only need happiness for a moment – that will fill you up for a lifetime.

16. Even the happiest memories fade over time – but that’s all right. Your brain is simply making room for more happy memories.

Hilarious You Make Me Happy Quotes


17. When people make you sad or angry, take a time out and go for a nap. By the time you wake up, they’ll be so frustrated that you fell asleep on them. Their expressions will make you so happy, trust me.

18. If I’m sad, I just start bingeing all 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. It’s so hilarious that I forget all my problems, but the ending makes me a bit sad. So I just start bingeing again.

19. There’s always a rainbow after the rain. There’s no pot of gold here, just a rainbow. Move on.

20. Disney princesses are mostly spoiled, mildly interesting, rebellious young girls yet even they have their happily ever afters. There’s hope for you yet!

21. I am at my happiest when my coffee is not too hot and not too cold. Eat your heart out, Goldilocks!

22. When you’re feeling down, start singing. Terribly wrong song lyrics and out-of-tune melodies are sure to have you in stitches.

23. Force a smile until everyone is so confused as to why you’re happy all the time. If you can’t beat them, confound them with your weirdness.

24. Be happy with who you are and what you can do. Love yourself first. Chances are, it’ll rub off on someone else, too.

25. Harry Potter was a sad, maltreated orphan and yet he found happiness in friendship. What’s your excuse?

Heartfelt Quotes to Make You Happy

26. The universe is conspiring to fulfill all your heart’s desires. It’s judging your life choices, too, but mostly conspiring to make you happy.

27. You may not be the best at everything you do, but you are the best at doing it your way. Cheers to you!

28. Worrying won’t get you anywhere. Toxic positivity won’t, either. Just do what makes you happy. Let your problems worry about themselves.

29. Happiness is learning how to be content.

30. The best present you can ever give yourself is the gift of peace. Learn to relax, let go, and forgive. Once you do, happiness will follow.

31. Instead of chasing happiness, do your best to make others around you happy.

32. Learn to be comfortable in your own skin. The sooner you accept yourself for who you are, the sooner you find happiness.

33. True happiness is intense but fleeting.

34. When a warm touch sends delightful chills through your body, you know you’ve found your happiness.

35. A baby knows nothing about the harsh realities of life. This is why we always yearn for happiness – it’s the first thing that we were taught.

36. We often try so hard to be loved and appreciated that we forget to be happy.

37. You aren’t happy because things are perfect. Things are perfect because you decide to be happy.

38. The fact is that if everyone is happy with you, you’re not happy with yourself. If you can’t choose your happiness all the time, at least learn to compromise.

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Quotes for Simple Pleasures that Make Me Happy

you make me happy quotes

39. Happiness is a pint of ice cream and a warm blanket while you binge on Netflix. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

40. Finally finding your missing sock after enduring months of wonky, differently-colored sock pairings is pure bliss.

41. The smell of a home-cooked meal is an absolute joy to behold. I hope my neighbors don’t think I’m too weird just because I’m standing outside their door and breathing in the scent of their dinner.

42. A kiss on the cheek is a small act of pure love. Sometimes, it’s all it takes to get me on track for the day.

42. You’ve survived the day! Hooray! That’s more than enough to celebrate.

44. If the sight of a dog wagging its tail in excitement when it sees you doesn’t make you happy, you’re fibbing.

45. Be present and enjoy the little things in life. Even the little things can build up into one giant, glowing column of happy vibes.

46. Happiness may not be a choice, but peace certainly is. Don’t let the vultures get you down.

47. Being happy is more of an art than a science. There’s no formula to solve it, but there’s usually a pattern to help you get there.