quotes about smiling through the pain

Quotes about Smiling Through the Pain

As people, we will always have days when the sun doesn’t seem to shine as bright, and the fields always seem greener in another part of town.

However, despite this, there is always something that allows us to keep smiling through the pain and hardships that we experience.

Even if it is as seemingly insignificant as spotting a weirdly shaped cloud or having hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon, there will always be something to smile about.

Although we might forget it at times, we must remember that these reasons are present and that we must simply recall them from time to time. 

Remember, even if you’ve only ever smiled once in your life before, you can certainly do it again!

That said, here are some of the best quotes about smiling through the pain for inspiration:

Smiling as a sign of hope quotes

smiling through the pain quotes

“Smiling through the gloom is by no means impossible. It simply means you have not lost all hope.”

“Do not dread the dark days as there will always be hope to help you get past them.”

“Smiling is not the absence of pain. Rather, it is hope in triumph.”

The most handsome flower of the bunch is the one that looks up to the shining sun, for it has hope.”

“If you firmly believe that you will experience good days, it is then that they will come.”

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Welcoming a smile quotes


“Always welcome a smile. It is the most generous visitor one can expect.”

“If you want to be happy, you must invite happiness over to stay for dinner.”

“If you must enter the dark days, at least invite a smile with you.”

 “Sing to your favorite tune or dance to your favorite song. You will find that you’ve been smiling all along.”

 “If you cannot find something that makes you smile, go out and find one!”

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Smiling quotes

“Smiling all year long means a year’s worth of happiness has been fulfilled.”

“If we all smile at each other every day, perhaps we wouldn’t all feel so lonely.”

 “If you happen to smile at a person and they return it, you will have shared your happiness with another unknowingly.”

“Your smile can wipe away any trace of pain you might have.”

 “The point to life is seeing people smiling with one another. It is simple yet worthwhile.”

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Smiling for yourself


“Win or lose, smile through it all, and it will be as if you’ve gained the most.”

 “Be your own happiness if you struggle to find it in other people.”

“Smile for yourself. It is the greatest service one can do.”

“To live a worthwhile life means to smile as much as possible.”

 “Although your smile does not change every day, you can still use it as much as you want!”

Smiling through the hurt quotes

“When your heart is discouraged, get some rest and trust that you will soon get better.”

 “If you can feel various entities of sadness, you can feel the most genuine joy there is.”

“It may hurt for some time, but you will be thankful that you have felt such pain earlier in life.”

“When you feel sad, seek something you love, and instantly feel happy.”

 “Fretting the good days to be over is meaningless. Smiling through the pain is limitless.”

Smiling for the future

“Always look forward and see the happiness that has yet to arrive.”

“What you decide to do with the gloom you have is what matters. Choose happiness”

 “There are various happy experiences to look forward to. Think about them and see what you have been missing out on.”

 “You can go about life grimly, or you can smile!”

 “When you are in love, you smile. You must remember this smile even when that love is gone.”

Great things about a smile

“You do not need expensive skin care or luxury apparel. Sometimes, a smile is the most attractive accessory a person can wear.”

“A smile can cost nothing but be the most rewarding thing ever.”

 “Your fright can be scared off with a simple smile.”

“If you teach yourself to look at the little things, you will have found the secret to eternal happiness.”

“A smile, regardless of the reason, can brighten up the darkest of rooms.”

Smiling through the pain quotes final note

If you ever lose hope, you can always look back on these quotes to help yourself get by.

Even if you are just struggling to smile, you mustn’t fret as there is always a reason to feel happy.

Remember, feeling joy is not always about seeking the grandeur or waiting for big, extravagant surprises to come your way.

Rather, smiling through the pain is letting yourself welcome what happiness you may be able to feel. 

In other words, smiling through the pain is the first step to feeling the joy you’ve felt and will feel again soon.

Here’s to smiling through the bad days and the good!