the best 19th birthday quotes

19th Birthday Quotes To Make You Smile

Another year has passed, another lap around the sun. 19th Birthday quotes will make your day extra special. It is a year for you to celebrate as you grow older, the last year you will ever call yourself a teenager. Birthdays come once a year in everyone’s life; it is another year to celebrate the gift of life.

Your age may increase by 1, but you are still young that there are a lot of things that you can still do. You should enjoy it. Your birthday may be in a different form for you to celebrate and capture every moment that you might want to share in your social media account. We got you! Since it is your birthday, worry no more.

After all, we were all 19 once, and savouring every moment is not a crime. But what better way to kick off your special day that with the 19th birthday quotes I have prepared just for your 19th birthday.

10 Funny 19th Birthday Quotes

  1. “A year older, a little bolder.”
  2. “It took me 19 years to become this awesome”
  3. “Last year of my teens. Let’s make it count.”
  4. “Another year has been added to my age, feel like a brand-new adult”
  5. “Another year for a young girl to enjoy”
  6. “Vibing and thriving at 19.”
  7. “New age but same old self”
  8. “Blowing 19 candles, ‘cause I’m awesome”
  9. “Your 19th is only a filler birthday, so let us fill it with an amazing party!”
  10. “Old enough to know better. Still young enough to get away with it.”

10 Birthday Quotes for Turning 19

quotes for 19th birthday

Your birthday should be meaningful as you grow older. Remember that you are awesome so, here are the significant 19th birthday quotes that will surely amaze your friends.

  1. “Queen of 19”
  2. “Making my last year as a teener count”
  3. “And so begins Chapter 19.”
  4. “I can think of 19 reasons why we should party.”
  5. “Today, we celebrate me being 19.”
  6. “I am not yet old enough to know any better. But, still young to get away with a lot.”
  7. “Guess who’s turning 19 today! It’s another year for me to crush the same way I did the last one.
  8. “Time goes by really fast, savoring my 19th
  9. “Can’t believe it’s already been 19 years, let’s rock it”
  10. “Hugs, kisses, and 19 birthday wishes”

4 Meaningful 19th Birthday Sayings

You might wonder what a good caption for yourself or your loved ones you can use in your social media accounts. It must inspire others who will also be turning 19, here are meaningful 19th birthday sayings:

  • For yourself – Last year might be the year for you to explore your legal age, and today is another year for you to continue enjoying your life. Being 19 is my last year considering myself as a teenager, but I’m not yet old enough to know a lot of things. Cheers for another year to celebrate the gift of life.
  • For your old self – You did great last year, and I know you can do better than that. Life continues as you turn 19 years old, and wishing you a good luck in your future endeavors.
  • For your future 19th self – I know that you will rock your year as a 19-year-old; continue to be a great person, and cherish every step of the way.
  • For your sister – Another year has been passed, and to cherish for your 19th birthday. Wishing a happy birthday to my big sister. It’s not too late for you to explore life. We are proud of you and continue to rock your 19th year with smiles and laughter.
  • For your brother – For good and for bad times, I’m still lucky to celebrate your birthday with you. You might be my worst enemy, but you’re also my best friend. Desire your heart with a meaningful year to enjoy and another abundant year to celebrate your existence.
  • For your cousin – I’m lucky to have a sweet cousin like you; it’s another year of making memories with you. Your 18th year has ended, but your chapter 19 is only starting. Wishing the best of life for you, and keep shinning the way you did last year.

Being 19 is not a big deal, per se, but you can celebrate it the best way you know how because it is another year of life you have been given. Your 19th birthday is a blessing and a good reason to be thankful. Cherish and enjoy your 19-year-old self and enjoy these 19th Birthday quotes.