best 23rd birthday captions

23rd Birthday Captions- Fun ideas for 23rd Birthday Wishes

Getting close to being in your “mid-twenties”, turning 23 is a big deal as it preps you to make difficult decisions in life. Some might start to feel old, but we should all be thankful to enjoy another year. Be grateful, knowing you’ve grown so much in the past few years, especially in your 20s. And we have put together the best 23rd birthday captions to help!

So if you know someone celebrating their 23rd birthday today, let them feel special by sending some happy 23rd birthday quotes. To help you send perfect birthday quotes for turning 23, check out the compilation below to pick out what’s best for you – long, short, funny, or sweet – because we got it all!

Birthday Quotes for Turning 23

For Your Daughter

“The best part of having you as my daughter is that all life’s imperfections fade away. Thank you for bringing such joy and happiness to my life. You have been doing it for the last 23 years! Happiest 23rd birthday, sweetheart!”

“When you’re blessed with a precious gem, you treasure it. And because of that, you are my greatest treasure, my dearest daughter. I love you till eternity. Happy 23rd birthday!”

For Your Son

“It is my wish that you experience love and presence always, my dear son. Happy 23rd birthday to you.

“May each of your days be filled with love, happiness, peace, and joy. You are so amazing and I love you, son. Happy twenty-third birthday!”

For Your Niece or Nephew


“I am full of joy seeing you celebrate your 23rd birthday. I wish you the very best as you grow and explore the world. Keep soaring high, my niece.”

“Happy 23rd Birthday, my dear niece! Not only do the older you get, the prouder I am of you, but you make me happier as I get to share this special event.

“Happy 23rd birthday to my nephew! I promise to stay being the crazy aunt/uncle you’re too embarrassed to introduce to any of your friends.”

“To my dearest nephew, the secret is out: now, everyone knows I am your favorite aunt/uncle!”

“Happiest birthday nephew, don’t tell anyone but you’re my favorite nephew. Well, I mean, because you’re my only nephew… have a wonderful day!”

For Your Brother or Sister


“Happy 23rd Birthday, my amazing sister! It’s time to get rid of the impossibilities because I know you can do it.”

To the best brother, any person could ever have, happy 23rd birthday to you. Keep growing and enjoy God’s unending grace.”

For Your Friend

“When you cut your Birthday cake this year, I hope that you count your blessings and friends, not the gifts and phone calls you received. Wishing you a happy 23rd birthday!”

“May your twenty-third birthday be filled with meaningful friendships and plenty of opportunities to help you achieve great things in life.”

For Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

“When I look into your eyes, I see a future which I didn’t imagine before. Thank you for being always there and sharing your dreams with me. Happy birthday, my love.”

“Because no one deserves more happiness than you, I hope you have a happy birthday, dear. You deserve it.”

23rd Birthday Captions For Yourself

“Grateful that God has yet added another year to my life. I’m proud of the person I’m growing to be, so I pray for good health, more strength, and wealth to continue God’s work. Happy 23rd birthday to me!”

Funny 23rd Birthday Quotes


When candles cost more than the birthday cake, that is when you realize you’re getting older.

Cheers to taking 23 years to look that good.

Sending my condolences to you for aging! Happy birthday!

If someone forgets your birthday, take it as a compliment. Because you must not have aged enough to get noticed.

Meaningful 23rd Birthday Captions

“Today is the start of the 23rd chapter of your life. May you be blessed with a life full of joy, love, and happiness.”

“I would like to congratulate you on turning 23! Remember that I’ll always be here for you cheering you on the side.”

23rd Birthday Quotes – Final Note

Sometimes, being on the spot can get you off guard as you may not have enough time to gather the right words to say. And as they say, action is a thousand times better than intention. So with all the 23rd birthday captions you’ve read, you’ll be right on track!