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Dog Birthday Quotes – Top quotes for your dogs birthday

Being man’s best friend, dogs should be treated and should be given special love on their birthdays! It is our job and responsibility to grab the keyboard and start pawing out witty and deserving birthday quotes for our dogs. Tweet and caption your selfie with your furry bestie with the following dog birthday quotes that would make your followers feel the love as well:

Classic Dog Birthday Quotes

dog birthday captions

Wanna keep it short and simple to highlight your dog’s cute picture? Here are some of the classic yet sure hit quotes that would safely go with your hit posts:

  • You are my soul mate. Thanks for finding me.

Dogs are often said to pick their owners. This is one that will truly make the people feel the connection you both have.

  • Happy Birthday to my best friend in the whole world!

The friendship right from the first cuddle is something that should be shared to the world.

  • Happy Birthday from one alpha to another.

Is your dog just too dominant and possessive? And you are the perfect match to your dog’s personality? This is the quote for you!

  • Happy Bark Day!

Short, sweet and simple.

  • Enjoy your puppucino today, you deserve it.

This one is for your dog! Treat your fur baby once a year and get him/her a treat. Snap a picture that will be cherished for a lifetime.

  • You are the best protector. Happy Birthday, (Name).

Dogs are completely loyal and brave. They deserve the praise on their special days, and all other normal days.

  • Happy birthday to my fellow wanderer and sniffing companion!

Is your dog always out and about with you? Use this caption!

  • Here is to more years of travel, dog poop and cuddles.

Quirky and sweet! Show your dog’s wacky and silly personalities.

  • Let’s explore the world more for many more years to come.

A cute outdoor picture will come handy with this quote.

  • It’s my best bud’s birthday today!

Who’s the good boy! Post a picture of your best bud.

Emotional Dog Birthday Quotes

best dog birthday quotes
  • Another year of love and tenderness. I’m blessed to have a friend like you.

Truly heart-warming, this quote could make you cry just by typing it.

  • You never fail to make our days bright and exciting. Happy Birthday!

Dogs are just the best way to brighten up the day. Return the favor on their special day!

  • The most tender-hearted pet I have ever met! I love you, birthday bud!

Share this with your dog’s cutest smile. Truly will win over the social media!

  • Everyone knows how blessed I was when I found you. You are forever loved, best friend.

When everyone just knows how lucky you are that you met your soul mate, share your dog’s birthday with this quote.

  • I hope you can understand happy birthday, so you know how happy we all are you exist!

Who said dogs can’t understand us anyway?

  • Wishing the most perfect pooch the happiest day in the world! Unli-cupcakes!

Treat your dog with its favorite meal!

  • I’ll do everything I can do to make you feel how each (date) is important for me.

Let the whole world know you value each birthday with this quote.

  • You fill the world nothing but warmth and happiness and craziness!

Just the best quote for the best buddy!

  • Your tail wags are the best thing to wake up to. Happy Birthday.

When even the simplest things are the best, you know you just must brag them to the world.

  • Your cuddles are my home, and your icky kisses are my favorite kisses.

Sweet, cheesy and just appropriate for your dog’s birthday.

Fun and Quirky Dog Birthday Captions

funny dog birthday quotes

And here are the dog birthday quotes that are just fun and fitting for the most awesome dog in the world. Here are unique and heartfelt greetings that are sure to make anyone smile. Feel free to use these quotes to let the whole world know your dog’s birthday is remembered.

  • You make me feel wonder-fur!

  • No dry food for you today, we are switching to cake!

  • Your presence is appreciated. Happy Birthday.

  • I will sing Happy Birthday. You can bark at the candles.

  • Unlimited scratches and belly rubs for the best dog.

  • Let’s scare some animals with your weird bark today!

  • Woof woof. I hope that’s Happy Birthday to you too.

  • You will have extra kisses today. Thank you for existing and being the best dog.

  • The cutest troublemaker is turning (age) today. Will give him a good pet today.

  • Every day is pet’s day. But today is our day. We both were blessed with each other. Happy Birthday!