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Fake Family Quotes – 30 quotes about fake family relatives

It’s exhausting to be surrounded by two-faced people, especially when you realize they’re faking everything they show you. Situations get much more difficult when that person is a family member. And this is where fake family quotes can help!

Interacting with a fake family member may be extremely tough and mentally draining. Family is meant to be our number one support system and a ride or die. It may be incredibly upsetting to discover that a close family member is being fake to you.

Here are some fake family quotes to encourage you to keep the negative things out of your life and remain a positive person.

Fake family quotes

fake family
  • Having an emotionally abusive family can be very tiring. And if your family connections become fake and toxic, you must learn to cut ties to protect your peace of mind.
  • A fake family member can only bring you betrayal, pain, and sadness.
  • It is better to have an honest enemy than a fake family who stabs you behind your back.
  • Family members are supposed to help one another, not to watch them suffer and talk about them.
  • Cutting fake family members out of your life does not mean that you despise them; instead, it shows that you value your peace of mind more. And that’s OK.
  • Being a family is defined by attitude rather than blood relationship.
  • Some of the most dangerous people appear as friends and family.
  • Family members are some of the painful people to cut off.
  •  It’s so sad that some people can lie to your face as if you are not blood-related.
  • Sometimes the people you care about the most are the ones who inflict pain on you the most.
  • Be mindful who you share your vulnerability with. Some individuals can’t wait to use them against you.
  • People believe that being alone makes you miserable, but I disagree. Being surrounded by fake people who shower you with fake intentions is the most terrible thing in the world.

Quotes for fake family

fake family quotes and sayings
  •  You should be afraid of individuals who give you fake care and affection but are prepared to backstab you when the chance comes.
  •  Being in a fake relationship is painful. The realization might destroy you and cause severe heartache. However, you must constantly determine between fake and real love and establish your boundaries.
  •  Fake family members are the worst. They pretend to support you in everything you do, but deep down they are jealous and looking for a chance to use your weakness.
  •  Don’t be bothered about family members who underestimate you and act as if you don’t matter; instead, cherish those who would do anything for you no matter what.
  •  Two-faced family members are overflowing with negative emotions such as jealousy, bitterness, and anger. As a consequence, they will grab every chance to break your trust to achieve their goals.
  • I can’t comprehend how anyone could intentionally hurt other people as if they were cold-blooded enemies after living under the same roof and going through so much together.
  • Stop clinging to people who are dangerous to your mental health. You may feel terrible about distancing yourself from your family members, but it is better to move forward alone than with toxic individuals who have ill intentions for you.
  • Fake families despise you when you are genuine but love you when you submit to their whims.
  • It’s strange how you believe your family can be trusted with the things that are happening in your life, but then you turn around and tell them everything, and they immediately go around and tell other people about it and use them against you.
  •  I’d rather be among people who are honest about their shortcomings than people who pretend to be perfect.

Quotes to help you cope with fake family members

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  •  Blood ties alone are insufficient because a genuine family should have respect, trust, and transparency with each other.
  • Fake family members will put on a fake smile to conceal their bad intentions toward you.
  •  Don’t waste your time and energy with fake people because there are many important things to focus your attention on.
  •  When you leave a toxic family, you go on the road of discovering your genuine people.
  •  People put on a mask of deception to appear beautiful, so be cautious.
  •  When you fall, fake people will laugh, but genuine people will always support you in getting back up.
  •  The best response you can give to fake family is sincerity and authenticity.
  • It is OK to distance yourself from a fake family. Keep in mind that blood is not thicker than peace of mind.

Fake Family Quotes Final Note

Remember that no matter how much you love and adore your family, your well-being should be your main priority. Nobody should ever be able to make you feel less of a person because you own your happiness and success. You do not get to select your family. It’s also difficult to break away from those you’ve known since the start.

Some people stay in toxic families hoping that things will improve. So they put up with it, despite being in pain every day. But how much longer can you put up with the emotional abuse? It is OK to distance yourself from a fake family. Keep in mind that blood is not thicker than peace of mind.